One Simple word…

I am a little behind on the new years resolution thing… Not that I didn’t come up with some things I would like to accomplish this year, just that I haven’t had the time to plan them out. With a new years resolution, most people “resolve” to become a better version of themselves, i.e. health, weight loss, being more organized, getting out of debt etc… Out with the old, in with the new right?

However, if you are anything like me, those resolutions quickly fade into the chaos of everyday life, and I eventually end up criticizing myself for my self imposed “failure” once again.

Which brings me to the point of this post. In order for us to be successful at anything we want to do, we must be committed and intentional. That’s why this year I have chosen one word that will keep me on track to achieving the things I really want to achieve.

Are you ready for it?… DELIBERATE

I need to be deliberate in all things.

  1. God: I need to be deliberate in my desperate pursuit of God and His word.
  2. Health: I need to be deliberate in the care of my body, I can’t lose weight or be healthy if I am not being deliberate about the things I am putting in it or being active.
  3. Unplugging: I need to be deliberate about putting my phone away and being present in my home. Picking up our phones and scrolling on social media has become a shocking habit that I am definitely guilty of.
  4. Time: What and who am I spending my time on? What gets the most of my attention? I feel like this one goes somewhat hand and hand with point number 3… I need to spend less time reading about other peoples lives and focus on my own. Also, I have a very hard time just letting the dishes or laundry go to spend time relaxing or laughing with my family. I need to be deliberate about just letting things go that will still be there later.

All of this comes full circle back to God. He needs to be first and foremost, he is the giver of all things and the sustainer of the strength and endurance I need to effectively live my life the way he designed it.



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