Recently I have been observing our two teenage daughters and their personal walks with Christ. Our daughters know Christ, but seem to have put him on the back burner as of late. Replacing the time spent with him, doing other things. It has grieved my heart, and I prayed to God about it asking him why they don’t see the importance of putting him first, after all they are saved, they go to church, they live in a christian home and have christian boyfriends. God answered me in a way that made my mom heart drop to the pit of my stomach. He said this; “Because, they don’t have a testimony yet.”

As a follower of Christ, and as a seasoned veteran of the things that our testimonies are built out of, with tears in my eyes I thought “Oh Lord… I wish they didn’t have to.” But, they have to.

You see, our testimonies are made in those places of struggle and in those places of peace beyond our understanding. Our testimonies are built when we go through times of plenty and times of famine.Our testimonies are refined in those places of loss and heartbreak.  Our testimonies are strengthened in that place where we don’t have the courage to get up off of our knees because the pain is too much to bear. Our testimonies are discovered when God allows us to move to a place where we have always wanted to live, and then sends us back to our desert. Our testimonies are God in us, God with us, God before us and God beside us. They are the place where God is glorified because of His goodness, His mercy and His grace to us. At the end of the day, our testimonies are what sustain us.

As a mom, I pray that their testimonies will come easily, and that they won’t have to go through the seasons I have been through to get there. But I also know and trust that God has  purpose and plan for them that surpasses my human understanding. In the end He will be glorified through their testimonies, and that is what matters above anything I could ever hope for. After all, they belong to Him. I am just blessed to be their tour guide.