Happy wife, Happy life.. How to make that happen..

We have all heard the saying that a happy wife means a happy life but do we really understand what that means. I don’t think that we honestly do..

None of us really want to out in the effort to find out what it means it even what it takes to make a happy spouse. I know for me it was a very hard thing to figure out. It cost many discouraging moments, many headaches. Too many long night of fighting and that’s just a few things not including what it’s done to my wife.

It’s funny that once I found out what I really had to do in order for this to happen it was super easy for me. It’s not something that I could do not is it something you can do. It’s only when we realize that, can we finally find the secret to the best marriage you can ever have.

Are you ready….. Do you really want to know…. Well here it is I will tell you….

You have to love her through Christ and you have to do as the scripture says “we must die to our selves.” I had give up my battle and start pursuing her as though I am pursuing Christ. By doing this we are allowing God to love her through us. I have found that with all the different things that I have tried to better my relationship were all pointless unless I’m doing it with Him in my sights. Christ is where we find out joy through any hardship and also any joy we have in the good times can be better through Him.

So in turn with this new in sight I find my self longing for her in ways that I never knew a man could do. There is points when the aching to be with her is so intense that it causes such an emotion I get extremely anxious. Its the best feelings I have ever had, it’s being a whole new meaning to loving someone more every day.

So let’s remember that first love we have had for Christ can be a daily feeling you can have toward your spouse. Whether Your a husband or a wife it applies both ways. With doing this we find our satisfaction within Christ and stop holding our spouse to standards they can never achieve.

So in turn the answer is to never stop relentlessly pursuing the love of Christ.






Can you talk…

My question to everyone out there right now is can you speak? Can you speak out loud in a crowed place or quietly in your own mind? What about with your spouse or friends could you speak? I’m sure right now your thinking what kind of dumb question is that. When really it’s not dumb at all. I just removed all the excuses as to why you can’t speak with God.

It really doesn’t matter what form of communication you use to speak, as long as you can let’s talk with God.

Far too many of us my self included like to say that we can’t speak because we don’t know the words or we are not good with words. So how can I talk with God or to others about Him????

The answer is so simple that we miss it daily. When Jesus himself was here he was lacking one thing to start his ministry, and it’s the same thing we lack. Its AUTHORITY that is given to us by God.

When Jesus was baptized he received the Holy Spirit which have him the authority needed to do everything he did. So when we do the same and accept Jesus into our hearts as our Lord and Saviour, we now have the same authority…

So I think it’s about time we start exercising it in our lives. We have such a great power to start speaking God’s blessing into our lives. We need to speak love into our relationships with family and friends. Speaking Jesus Christ into others lives. Also to tell Satan to get behind us and that he has no control over us.

I pray reading this will help encourage you to dive into His word and use the authority given to us. God wishes we all are blessed and lives by Him so let’s start speaking it into our lives and no more negativity.

Remember to never give up the relentless pursuit of His love for you and let’s use it.